David Eichelberger -- Clay Artist and Educator

Welcome to Eichelberger Clay, where you can find work and information about artist David Eichelberger. If you have further questions, please contact David by leaving a message on this site.


David has been invited to be a DEMONSTRATING PRESENTER ASSOCIATE at the 2016 NCECA Conference in Kansas City, KS. For the 50th Anniversary Conference, themed "Mentors and Makers", NCECA has asked the presenters to invite someone to demonstrate with them who they feel connected to as a mentor. David has been invited by artist GAIL KENDALL (gailkendall.com), his friend and former professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. David is honored to work alongside his friend and mentor Gail, and is looking forward to an exciting conference!


SANTA FE CLAY: David will lead a one-week workshop in Santa Fe, July 11th-15th, and more information can be found here: here.

LONG BEACH ISLAND FOUNDATION FOR THE ARTS AND SCIENCES: This is workshop will be hosted in New Jersey, during the second week of August. More info to follow soon... visit the Foundation's website here.


I am excited for the release of an interview I did with Paul Blaise of The Pottercast, a series dedicated to all things clay and pottery. I had a lot of fun talking with Paul, and I think he is contributing to the community of artists working with clay in a positive way that you might appreciate. The audio for the interview can be found here.

Be sure to visit TWO | ONE Ceramics by clicking here, to visit the production studio my wife, Elisa DiFeo, and I run together. You can find more images of mine, and some of hers, there as well.